Friday, June 17, 2016

31 for 31 for 31

hot air balloon

I decided to run 30 miles this morning. Turned into 30.4 miles.

I round up. 31 miles.

I am 31 years old. Each mile I ran today, I tried to think of something significant that correspondingly happened with how old I was. Mile 27, year I married Chantalle. Mile 28, year I moved to North Dakota.

Also, been working on a book manuscript. Yesterday I passed the 31 thousand word count.

31 for 31 for 31. Sounds like a sports documentary.


I started today's run at 5am. Woke up at 439am, six minutes earlier than my alarm. I was a bit surprised, seeing how I went to bed at 2am. Do not worry, I got a short nap in today, and will sleep heavy tonight.

The trail was dark. Not the kind of dark where you cannot see anything, but the kind of dark where you can see everything. Like when there is a full moon, and you do not need a flashlight.

One bicyclist passed by me, we were probably thinking the same thing about the other, "This guy is as crazy as I am to be up this early." Or at least that is what I thought. I waved at him, he nodded back. He was wearing neon.

The trail smelled of skunk. The sour musky smell. Not too pungent, just a reminder of whatever the skunk did earlier in the night. I wonder who or what he sprayed?


I am a writer. I reluctantly write those four words. Part of it is surreal, and the other part is fear. What if I fail? What if I succeed?

I worry about writing crap.

Those old insecurities always rearing their ugly head.

I am a writer?

I am a writer.

Yes, I am a writer!

The main theme of the chapter I am currently working on is simplicity. I thought it was going to be simple to write. It has proven to be the most difficult and complex of all the chapters thus far. Probably why I am writing this blog post, I need a break from writing about simplicity.


Bunnies sure love their mornings. Every ten steps, one darts into the ditch.

Baby bunnies art cute. They are still learning how to dart into the ditch. Sometimes they dart in the wrong direction. Do not worry bunny, I will not hurt you, I just want to pet you.

So many bunnies. I wonder about population control for these bunnies. Are there any predators to even out the eco system here in the city limits?

Just passed a sign saying coyotes are active in this area. My question answered.


Pass by park benches.

Each one donated in remembrance of a loved one.

I wonder how many heartbeats I have left?


I almost step on a black ground beetle crossing left to right on the trail path.

A few steps later, a lizard leaps, nearly flying right to left.

The cotton trees' cotton lines the sides of the path. I kick it pretending it is snow.


I am on top of Chatfield damn. Feels like I am top of the world.

Making my way back home.

The sun is out in full force.

I need to make it to the dog park. Refill my water bottles.

I look left, and the waves made by the boats look like optical illusions. I stop looking for fear of falling into a trance. But I am already in a trance, a running trance.

A gang of little black birds ascends toward me. I look up at them. They are in the shape of a heart. Part of me wishes I had my camera out for this moment. Not everything needs to be documented by pictures. Documenting it with words will do.


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