Monday, December 23, 2013

I want to Learn Amharic, What language program should I use? Foreign Service Institute (FREE), Instant Immersion ($29.95), EuroTalk (39.99), 2Speak ($35.95), etc.

After traveling to and returning from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this last May (2013), I've been determined to learn "Amharic," the native tongue.
Coffee beans being roasted during the Coffee Roasting Ceremony
I remember participating in a coffee roasting ceremony, longing to communicate with the locals.

Whenever I return I will be fluent with the hopes of being able to speak with the locals.

Every day since May I've been teaching myself the language: the 200+ symbols in their alphabet (abugida), how to pronounce the words, how to write and speak the words, some grammar and more.  
Practicing writing Amharic with a cup of coffee (the best way to learn Amharic)

Dictionary I purchased to help in translating and learning the words

The Amharic symbols, each symbol is a consonant and vowel sound

An app I've been using on my phone to help learn the language
So far, I've invested a lot of time in learning the language.  I want to invest in the next step of using a language program.  I've done some research, and found 4 software programs that will help in helping me learn this beautiful Semitic language.

I'm posting in hopes that others who know the Amharic language will comment below with suggestions, reviews or other programs that might work better. 

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