Friday, December 6, 2013

it "feels like" -27 out, time to UNPLUG and RUN

The beautiful state of North Dakota blesses its residents with cold temperatures every winter.  After residing here for almost a year, it seems as if every person forgets how cold it gets in the winter, and then frigid cold fronts blow in and everyone talks about how cold it is.

North Dakota alone hosts 3 of the top 25 coldest cities in America, with Grand Forks at number 2, Bismarck at number 3 and Fargo at number 4.*

running in last winter's cold temps
I enjoy the frigidly cold weather.  Each morning I've become my wife's car starter.  Today, I got to run outside.  I hope to start biking to work again.

Some call me crazy, but nothing is more thrilling than running in frigid temperatures and surviving.  So far, my survival rate is one hundred percent, lets hope that doesn't change.

Running to Orange City in frigid temps  on the Awake My Sole Iowa journey.  Post by Awake My Sole.
Every time I go out and run, it's like this little expedition I conquered.  Starting and finishing at my house, with the journey being wherever my feet take me.  In these frigid temps, I see less and less foot prints in the snow, allowing me to feel that I was one of the few who journeyed out today.


Here are some thoughts from today's "feels like" -27 degrees run:

I should have worn a warmer hat.  Each gust of North Dakotan wind froze the sweat from my head underneath my hat.

Running is simple.  You don't need much to run.  A pair of shoes, some clothes, two hats.

Running isn't punishment.  Its such a freeing activity.  Too often, people correlate running with punishment, when in reality it should be distanced far from punishment.

Wearing plastic bags was a good idea.  Base layer wool sock, plastic bag over it, cotton sock over that, then place the shoe on.  Perfect way to keep your feet warm by keeping gusts of wind out.

Unplug and run.  I didn't run with my music today or a watch.  I love music, and I love running to music, but today I really tried focusing on my surroundings,  on the outdoors and what I was running by.  Also, with so much ice, I didn't want not pay attention and slip.  Also, when I run with limited distractions I find I have more ideas pop in my head.  Its great for brainstorming.  When I don't have a watch, or an app whispering in my ear how far I've gone, I find that the time goes by quicker.  For serious trainers this might not be a possibility.

Enjoy the moment.  Don't worry about your speed, just run.  Be free and aware of your surroundings.  Be thankful to the Creator who has you in this moment experiencing this path.

Write down any thoughts.  After a run, writing down thoughts or ideas that popped into your brain.  Many ideas for the Awake My Sole journey were formed while running.



As a runner, North Dakotan and fellow advocate for ideas that better other people, I found myself inspired by this runner from North Dakota.

Anne Mahlum


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